SWTOR Leveling Guide
In just a single week, Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) has created a buzz in the online gaming community. Around 1 million game lovers participated in playing SWTOR just one week after it was unveiled.
I don't really have that much time to play games anymore, that's why I usually use a guide to level faster, or in any case, to play my characters at maximum efficiency each minute of each gameplay session. So this is one of the main reasons that I looked for a great SWTOR leveling guide the minute I started playing the game.
Star Wars The Old Republic Leveling Guides
So Why Should You Take Advantage Of A SWTOR Leveling Guide?

First of all if you are like me TIME is one of the main factors why it makes sense getting a Leveling Guide, In addition when you have a leveling guide you know everything has been tested by expert players and it takes the guess work and trial and error out of the game. A leveling guide will show what the best quest to take are and how to finish them in the fastest possible time. This saves you from taking quests that just have you running all over the place or wasting time going in circle looking for that quest item you need before you can hand it in.

There are usually three sorts of game guides, the official guide, unofficial guide and the free guides. The free guides tend to come in the form of online articles on blogs and game-related sites. These, similar to forum posts, risk being incomplete, incorrect, or obsolete. Official guides gives a very good overview of all game aspects, especially the mechanics and is most suitable for anyone just starting out.

Ok... I spent quite some money and I purchased every single SWTOR Leveling Guide available. I have to admit, some of them have really been a waste of money and I asked for a refund. I was left with THREE guides that are really good.

I want to be honest with you: as mentioned in the last paragraph, I spent some money getting these guides. I then thought that it might be a good idea (and it indeed makes sense) to create a website with detailed information on my favorite SWTOR Leveling Guides, save other gamers time and money by providing the information and in return making some money back.

So, YES, if you get one of the leveling guides on this site, I will get a comission. But please note that I did my best reviewing these guides and only pointing you to the BEST GUIDES. I am sure that my review will save you tons of time and money!

When choosing a leveling guide for a MMORPG, you have to be careful. WHY?  Because there are many so called guide creators that want to scam you! So Watch out! Don't get SCAMMED!

SWTORBASE is definitely my first choice and the absolutely BEST SWTOR Leveling Guide available.  It was prepared by Hardcore Gamers who have spent 1000s of Hours of playing the game.

SWTORBASE Leveling Guide covers ALL things a gamer will need to know in order to succeed.
They show you how to get a lot of Credits, how to get the most Advanced Classses, and how to acquire superior skills and PvP’s for all of the Races and Factions; be they Empire or Republic.

The reason why this guide is my Top Pick is the fact that it is in-depth, detailed, easy to follow, updated daily, and affordable. It's easy straightforward and you can reproduce the strategies and tips with your own characters from the game easily (No matter if you are on the Light or the Dark side). 

Another thing I really like are the maps you can find inside SWTORBASE. The maps show you the shortest directions to follow in order to achieve any particular destination. In fact the maps are just one of uncountable things you are shown that makes playing SWTOR a lot easier.

All I can say: NOTHING is missing in this guide! It's 100% - And with the daily updates it is 110%. So as you can see... if you are looking for a SWTOR Leveling Guide SWTORBASE is the way to go.

Let me give you a summary of all the things you will get (I might be missing some things, but there is so much, I will only list the most important stuff):

High Quality Video Guides – My most favourite feature of this guide are the 1080p super high quality videos that teach you step by step everything you need to know. The video section is constantly updated with tons of Star Wars The Old Republic game-play videos. Giving you access to battles and scenarios and revealing details that often times a guide by itself will leave out.

Fastest Levelling Guide To 50 For All Classes
– Every class is played different and each have their own way to get to level 50 in record time. The levelling guide consists of full color maps and waypoints and the exact route to take. By the way they have the fastest levelling record to 50 for both factions.

Fast Credit Farming - Learn how to use your Class in the most efficient way to maximize your credits FAST! Don't Buy SWTOR Credits! Let them show you how the Sellers do it!

A Comprehensive Guide For Every Class – No matter which class you prefer to play, SWTORBase will provide a complete list of all the skills, the class roles and every little tweak you can do to improve your game play with them.

Library Of Builds – There is literally a full library of different builds to match every type of play style. Whether you want to tank, dps or heal it’s all there for every class. SWTORBASE Expert Gamers update the PVP Build Videos Daily - No need for an outdated SWTOR e-book, Theirs is updated LIVE.

Skills Guide – Complete A to Z guides on every type of skill. From gathering and crafting skills to PvP and Companion guides. To help you master every aspect of the game.

FREE Lifetime Updates – SWTOR Saviour has a private customer forum where hundreds of its customers can interact and get insider tips from 15 top pro gamers.

24/7 Customer Support – All questions or problems you have are ready to be answered by the actual creators of this guide. I have already contacted them two times, because I ran into problems and guess what? I got a reply within an hour! Each and every time.

Second Winner: SWTOR Saviour

SWTOR Saviour is another leveling guide I recommend. It is by far not as comprehensive as SWTORBASE... but it is still good enough and will help you level up fast for a low onetime payment of $29.95.

Fact: For $29.95 you will get a COMPLETE LEVELING guide from level 1 to level 50 for ALL Classes.

Another Pro I noticed and which has to be mentioned is the fact that you get full waypoints and you even have co-ords linked so you know where you are, and where you should be heading at any given point in the game.There is also a forum in the backend of the guide which is pretty active and helpful.

Summary Of What You Will Get For $29.95:

* Detailed 1-50 leveling guide, for all the best places to quest so that you can level a lot faster

* Tutorials on when and how to get the best gear at every level and point of the game

* It only costs $29.95: Compared to other game guides, the SWTOR Saviour is definitely affordable.

* Build guides, so that you can build the perfect Sith, Bounty Hunter, or Jedi

* 1080p HD videos that are going to visually show you different gameplay strategies Maxing out character stats as quickly as possible

* User friendly: Easy to understand and simple to follow


The last SWTOR leveling guide on my list of guides that are recommendable is SWTOR SECRETS. With a price tag of $47 it's more expensive than SWTOR Saviour, yet the information provided is about the same. The SWTOR Secrets leveling guide is complete and eay to follow.

One thing I really like about SWTOR SECRETS is the fact that their PvE builds are taught in a very simplified manner. Everything is dismantled to small, manageable bits of information and tasks to follow. This makes it a little easier to rise on the DPS/HPS meter.

A similar approach is taken with the PvP builds. The instructions are clear and detailed, thus making them easier to follow. They cover from level 10 to 50.
This guide has a lot of good techniques and details. They leave out any useless information.

The information is provided by the use of pictures, videos, and screenshots. The creators of SWTOR SECRETS try to keep the words to a minimum. This makes things more simple and clear.

This guide is perfect for people that have not played any MMPORG games in the past and don't like to deal with an information overload. It is also perfect if you do not like reading a lot.

A Leveling guide will help you where you need it. Of course you don't have to use it all the way through. Just take advantage of it whenever you need it! I can assure you that having a SWTOR leveling guide in your arsenal of weapons will give you an advantage over others in the game!

I really hope you found my review of SWTOR Leveling Guides helpful! And remember: Having a SWTOR leveling guide in your arsenal of weapons will give you an advantage over others in the game!